Case Studies

Case Study 1

A UK based pharmaceutical (GW Pharmaceuticals) needed to outsource development of a Value Dossier in support of its market access efforts in the United States for its new drug indicated for childhood epilepsy (Epidiolex®). MYO developed the reimbursement Value Dossier in cooperation with Strategic Health Resources (Los Angeles, CA) with strict adherence to the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) Guidelines, which are up to the highest academic standards and are designed to maintain a very high level of objectivity. Epidiolex became the first drug to get FDA approval for Dravet syndrome in the United States.

Case Study 2

A US-based medical device manufacturer was interested to assess the potential for its body-cooling technology to improve clinical and economic outcomes in patients with neurogenic fever due to stroke or traumatic brain injury.

MYO conducted a systematic search of the clinical and health economics literature for documentation of the impact of thermoregulation in treating patients with neurogenic fever. Findings were subsequently used to conduct a statistical meta-analysis of the acceptable literature.

At the client’s request, MYO consultants co-authored a clinical article presenting relevant findings (D Greer, S Funk, N Reaven, M Ouzounelli, G Uman. Impact of fever on outcome in patients with stroke and neurologic injury. Stroke 2008;39(11):3029-35).

Case Study 3

As subcontractors to a California-based consulting group and on behalf of an insulin pump manufacturer, MYO conducted a systematic literature search on diabetes, including disease incidence and demographics, as well as treatments, their complications and associated costs and use of resources.

We used this input to populate a comprehensive database, which enabled US diabetes physicians, as well as the client's own Marketing, Sales and R&D staff to have a global overview of literature findings in a tiny fraction of the time it would normally take.

One of the most useful features of this database was the inclusion of standardized 1-page summaries for all clinical studies involving the client's technology.