Through our partnership with Agora Labs, we have activated research on millions of fully anonymized, GDPR compliant records in several international clinical sites.

Leveraging locally deployed AI technology, Agora Labs’ groundbreaking, privacy-preserving platform allows Real-World Data (RWD) from multiple clinical and research sources to be rapidly structured, standardized, linked and made available for synthetic data analysis in hours, under formal and mathematical guarantees of anonymity.

Through this partnership, MYO Health and Agora Labs have activated pharmacoeconomic, clinical and epidemiological research internationally, thanks to high fidelity synthetic datasets that accurately reflect the statistical properties of several millions of fully anonymized, GDPR compliant data records. We can now draw valuable and publishable conclusions on patient journey, treatment patterns, response to treatment, epidemiology, resource utilization, identification of risk factors, prediction of response to treatment and more.

“The value of RWD for driving innovation and for optimally positioning a new drug or device in the clinical practice is immeasurable. The use of next-generation cryptography to formally guarantee the privacy of RWD through the generation of high-fidelity synthetic datasets, is undoubtedly the way forward. Our collaboration with Agora Labs creates excellent new opportunities and we are already working with selected pharma partners to help them optimally position their innovative products through enhanced evidence generation, large-scale research, and dissemination strategies.”

Myrsini Ouzounelli, CEO of MYO Health

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