The CEO of MYO Health appointed advisor to Endovention Inc (

Myrsini Ouzounelli, CEO of MYO Health was appointed advisor to Endovention Incorporation, in support of the company’s reimbursement strategy in Europe. Located in San Francisco, California, Endovention is developing a line of thrombectomy catheters that have the potential to revolutionize the treatment of clot removal.

Currently available mechanical thrombectomy devices remove the clot by means of some combination of clot disruption and clot extraction and they have only met with marginal success, due to their inability to properly control the byproducts of clot fragmentation. Newer devices tout advantages, but merely trade one problem for another: using some powerful means for suction of clot depends on there being flowing blood to wash the fragmented clot along, a veritable bloodletting which makes the process unsustainable. Endovention’s disruptive technology, currently tested for Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), provides a broader platform upon which existing technologies, limited in the ways described above, may be used to better advantage.